Ascendant became Progress advisor on the Zagreb stock exchange

Zagreb stock exchange has selected Ascendant d.o.o. as an advisor to small and medium businesses through the process of enrolling on the Progress platform.

Progress is a multilateral trading platform, managed by Zagreb Stock Exchange, that is intended for public offering of small and medium-sized enterprises’ shares. Companies can use platform for raising capital for growth and development, or sale of up to 100% share.

As an advisor on the Progress market, Ascendant will lead and advise a company in the process of submitting the application for access to the Progress market, and prepare and support a company for proper functioning on the Progress market by advising a company in choosing the right mechanisms, measures and procedures. After the company gets an access to the Progress market, Ascendant will be advising a company on functioning of its financial instruments and complying of its obligations to publish information to the public for 2 years.

By becoming an advisor on the Progress market, Ascendant offers another advisory service that gives small and medium-sized companies and their owners an opportunity to raise capital on Croatian market or sell up to 100% of share. 

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