IMAP Ascendant’s lecture on Mergers and Acquisitions at the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb

On Monday, January 23rd 2017, a lecture was held to students of Faculty of Economics and Business with the aim of getting them familiarized with the Mergers&Acquisitions industry.

The lecturers were IMAP Ascendant's experienced M&A experts: Mr. Jurgis Oniunas, Managing Partner and IMAP Chairman and  Associate, Mr. Tomislav Boban.

The lecture gave insight into the following topics: division of investment banking, global M&A activity,  classification of M&A transactions, companies' strategical positioning , owners motivation in a M&A process and specific phases within the M&A process.

The students were also introduced to IMAPs unique approach of managing the M&A process, the benefits of this approach and the results achieved in the region. As part of the lecture, students had the opportunity to listen about "Consolidation of security services industry" through an interesting case study.

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