Iskra ISD


Iskra ISD consists of four subsidiaries with the core business in injection moulding, die casting, turning and galvanization. Jointly, the four divisions manufacture series of plastic and metal parts and components for the automotive, electronics and white goods industries. In 2013, the company generated EUR 26.9 million in revenues and achieved net profit of € 1.9 million.  Iskra ISD is located in Kranj, Slovenia.


  • Strong tradition and long lasting relationships to the main markets in Germany and Austria.
  • Continuous growth and profitability of the company.
  • Strong management and well educated and highly professional personnel; specialized tool shop fully equipped for making the most demanding tools.

The Investor

KJK Capital OY is Private Equity Fund based in Finland with more than 25 years of experience in asset management. KJK currently manages assets worth over EUR 450 million. Its investors are reputable financial institutions and individuals mostly from Finland, Denmark and Estonia.

The Deal

Ascendant was exclusive transaction advisor to Iskra ISD in the sale of 51% stake in the company and its subsidiaries to KJK Capital OY.

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